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Fresh Basket Organics

Organic Stir Fry Medley Pack

Organic Stir Fry Medley Pack

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Introducing Fresh Basket Organics' newest offering: the Organic Stir Fry Medley Pack. For those hectic days when time is scarce and meal prep seems like an impossible feat, our medley pack swoops in to save the day!

Crafted with care by our dedicated team, these medley packs are a convenient solution to your veggie needs. Hand-cut to perfection on the day of delivery, they're ready to be tossed into your stir-fry pan without any hassle.

Our fresh stir fry veggies medley is the ideal addition to your fridge arsenal for any occasion - whether it's a busy day, a low-energy day, or simply a day where you'd rather not juggle multiple veggies.

To prepare, simply heat a large wok with olive oil, sprinkle in some chicken stock powder, salt, and pepper, then add our pre-cut medley for a quick and delicious meal. Pair it with pasta or rice, or get creative by incorporating it into soups, curries, or alongside your favorite protein.

We take pride in providing organic produce that's not only convenient but also conscious. That's why our veggies are pre-washed using only water, with no harsh chemicals in sight.

Remember to enjoy our Organic Stir Fry Medley Pack in Melbourne within three days of delivery to savor its freshness to the fullest. With Fresh Basket Organics, nutritious meals are just a stir away!

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