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Organic Plums ANGELINO

Organic Plums ANGELINO

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The Angelino plum is a common late season variety which almost becomes the only choice for consumers in Autumn (as the northern hemisphere season ends) and Spring (as the southern hemisphere season ends).

This is a dark red, almost black, plum with a pale-yellow flesh and small stone. The flesh is dense and crunchy, without much juice, but sweet with well-balanced flavour due to the long growing time. Angelino is markedly different to main-season plum varieties: a totally opposite experience to the soft succulence of, say, a Victoria plum or any of the early or mid-season Japanese varieties. However, it can be enjoyed if the fruit is accepted for what it is: a late season, sweet, crunchy red plum.

Angelino is popular with growers due to ease of storage and transport, and it’s late-season slot in their production calendar.

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