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Kombucha GINGER & TUMERIC 12 X 330ml Organic

Kombucha GINGER & TUMERIC 12 X 330ml Organic

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Our kombucha started from humble beginnings as a home brewed health tonic. Realising the benefits to gut health and overall well-being, we created Herbs of Life kombucha with the aim to craft an organic probiotic brew for all Australians. Our ingredients reflect our Blue Mountains home. We use only the finest all natural, certified organic ingredients with no concentrates and pure Mountain Spring water. Delivering you a healthy, lightly sparkling & delicious kombucha.


Ginger & Turmeric – An earthy blend of freshly juiced organic Australian Turmeric and ginger with Mountain Spring water, single origin fair trade green tea & raw cane sugar traditionally fermented with our mother culture. Packed with probiotics, low sugar and naturally carbonated from the fermentation process.

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